Team Daynejah is a company that does craft services on-set for many television shows and movies filmed in Hawaii.  We were able to take the design they had on their food truck fix it up and print in on a t-shirt. Take a look at the video provided.

The Maui Strong t-shirt we printed for Egan's Fitness fundraiser.  Through an event they held along with the t-shirt sales they made they were able to donate $12,000 to the Maui Relief fund.

Waialae Baptist Church was a fun job. We met with the pre-school director and others a few times before start of production on these shirts.  We got a chance to advise them on different styles and brands they could choose from and they ended up picking this fun lime green color for the students and a comfortable shirt for staff.

Hinaaukele is a catering company we designed and printed t-shirts for.  This was the first photo shirt for KZ Dezigns LLC to print.

Sinaloa just announced that they will be starting an online store in which they sell hats, t-shirts, and other merch. KZ Dezigns LLC is proud to say we are their printers.  KZ Dezigns LLC worked closely with Sinaloa to produce these good quality products which is now available for purchase on their website. 

SoulSum was KZ Dezigns LLC's very first customer.   Upon chef Ray's request, we printed his logo on his chef's hat in hopes of bringing a new style/look to his company while doing events like pop-ups and catering.  Our efforts were achieved, as chef Ray said no one else has a printed chef hat at any events he attends.  Uniqueness is something KZ Dezigns LLC strives for.

Na Pu'uwai is a health care service on the island of Moloka'i.  They did a suicide awareness walk and came to KZ Dezigns LLC to print their shirts.  Much mahalo (much thanks) to you for bringing light to what could be a dark place.

Elite Electrical and Controls had KZ Dezigns print their logo on the pockets of their shirts.  As you can see with DTF printing your logo does not need to be changed unlike embroidery where you would lose all those crisp lines on such a small print. Check it out

Pacific Aggregate is such an awesome company. Before we had our printer up and running this company entrusted us to re-design their logo.  Our designer has such amazing talent and is able to work with companies to create logos of their own.  If you are interested in having our designer create one for you fill out the message box on our home screen and we will be sure to get in contact with you.

Living Way Church (Maui) sends people into Lahaina daily with supplies.  We are glad our safety green shirts were just what they needed to keep them safe and visible while doing the Lord's work. Thank you, Pastor Gerg and crew, for serving the community and shining God's light through your good works.